b'A dditional housing options areesignIncreasing Housing Choices in Des Moinescoming to Des Moines! The City of Des Moines is working on implementing two new house bills: E2SHB 1110Middle Housing Bill and EHB 1337Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Bill. The purpose of HB 1110 is to create more homes for Washington by increasing middle housing in areas traditionally dedicated to single-family detached housing, while HB 1337 aims to expand housing options by easing barriers to the construction and useWhat is the Timeline of HB 1110 and of accessory dwelling units. HB 1337? to the public as the SSotuartcee a: nOdp tciictoiess D What is Middle Housing? develop draft regulations. HB 1110 and HB 1337 haveHow can I get Involved?Middle housing is defined as buildingsthe same timeline as the Periodic that are compatible in scale, form, andComprehensive Plan update. TheVisit the City of Des Moines website character with single-family housesassociated updates to the Des Moines(https://www.desmoineswa.gov/) and contain two or more dwellingMunicipal Code are required to beto stay in the loop about upcoming units. Middle housing types can includecompleted within six months of theMiddle Housing public participation duplexes, townhouses, cottage housingperiodic comprehensive plan update. Theopportunities in Des Moines. You and others. Depending on the proximityupdate currently underway (https:// can also visit the Washington State to transit, between two and six housingimaginedesmoines2044.com/) is to beDepartment of Commerce Planning units per lot would be allowed, providedcompleted by December 31, 2024. Sixfor Middle Housing website for more development standards such as yardmonths after that would be June 2025.information on the implementation setbacks and lot coverage are met.Additional information will be providedprocess for Middle Housing.12|DES MOINES CITY CURRENTS|SUMMER 2024'