b'T he 2024 ComprehensiveIntroduction, Land Use, Conservationcomment period, and presenting the Plan Periodic Update is welland Environment, Economicentirety of the plan to City Council underway!Different chapters,Develoment and Neighborhoodfor adoption. Mark your calendars! often referred to as elements, areElements for Committee review.The SEPA public comment period being reviewed and presented to CityAfter taking all elements throughis anticipated to take place in Fall Council Committees for feedback.the Committees, next steps will be2024. Adoption of the updated As of April 2024, City Planningfinalizing the draft Plan based onComprehensive Plan is to be Staff have brought forward theinput from all stakeholders, publiccompleted by December 31, 2024. Visit the project website at https://imaginedesmoines2044.com for up-to-date information on the Comprehensive Plan update process.BEACH PARK EVENT CENTERYour Day, Your CreationWWW . B E ACH P A R K E V E N T CE N T E R . COM 206-870-937014|DES MOINES CITY CURRENTS|SUMMER 2024'