b'Ge t t in g to YES:C onsidering opening a new businessA GUIDE FOR NEW ENTREPRENEURSin the vibrant city of Des Moines? Congratulations on taking this exciting entrepreneurial step. In this article, we want to help you get to YES and get off on the right foot. Before you dive headfirst into realizing your dreams, its crucial to understand the necessary requirements set forth by the City of Des Moines to ensure a smooth and successful start to your venture. Our regulations are primarily focused on ensuring the safe operation of your business for your employees and customers.One of the primary requirements for operating any business within the city limits is obtaining a City of Des Moines business license. This license not onlylaws as well as building and fire safetyThis is an important step and it serves as a way for first respondersregulations. You can start the applicationis absolutely essential to do your due (police, fire and emergency medicalprocess by simply going onto our website,diligence before committing to a lease services) to identify your establishmentwww.desmoineswa.gov, and under theor putting money into your business. but also acts as a gatekeeper to ensureHow do I section, click on Apply for aYou, as the business owner, must ensure that your business aligns with zoningBusiness License.your business plans are consistent with building codes, zoning and land use requirements.Before granting approval for your business license, City staff will examine your proposed business to verify compliance with zoning laws and safety regulations. This evaluation process includes various factors such as the planned use of the premises, parking availability, a buildings previous use, and adherence to fire and life safety PROUD MEMBER OF THE DES MOINES COMMUNITY standards. These measures, for example, would ensure that essential safety exits are accessible in an emergency and ONE BLOCK WEST OF MARINE VIEW DRIVEthat the buildings capacity (maximum IN THE HEART OF THE MARINA DISTRICT occupancy load) adheres to prescribed limits. Ultimately, our goal is to help REMOTE CONSULTATIONS AVAILABLE you get to "YES!" and to assist you in a successful business experience by TH prioritizing safety and regulatory 22030 7AVE S, SUITE 202 compliance.DES MOINES, WA 98198 Not all buildings are created equal. (206) 878-4100 Suppose your business entails a change of use for the premises, such as converting an office space into a restaurant. In that case, you will need to have a design professional conduct a complete and VISIT US ON THE WEB thorough code analysis to identify any WWW.GEHRKELAWOFFICES.COM necessary upgrades or modifications needed to meet the safety requirements for your new occupancy type. This 8|DES MOINES CITY CURRENTS|SUMMER 2024'