b'Housing Repair Assistance ProgramT he City of Des Moines is once againOtherfaulty furnaces, faulty gutters and roof leaks,providing minor home repair servicesbroken window glass panesto City resident homeowners whoHow do I qualify for these free services?have extremely low to low incomes based on U.S. Department of Housing1.Be an owner/occupant within the Des Moines and Urban Development (HUD) incomecity limits for at least one year with no intention guidelines. This is done by providing freeof selling in the next 12 months, have proof of repair services to improve the healthhome owners insurance, and meet the HUD and safety of our residents as they live inincome guidelines for the program.their homes. Funding for this program is2. Complete the application processprovided by a Community Development Block Grant through King County. ServicesHow do I apply? provided include but are not limited to: To apply for this program please follow these Electricalfaulty lights, switches, plugs,directions:circuits or exhaust fans 1. Request an application by email at thickey@Plumbingfaulty toilets, clogged drains,desmoineswa.gov or by calling (206) 870-6535leaking faucets, faulty water heaters 2. Once your application is processed and evaluated Disability Aidsinstallation of grab bars,you will receive a phone call informing you of your hand rails, hand held showerheads, bathacceptance or non-eligibility for our program. seats, high toilets, access ramps andUpon acceptance your job will be referred to application of non-skid surfaces one of our contractors who will call you to make Safetyinstallation of smoke alarms, an appointment to perform those services. security/safety lights, carbon monoxideServices that are required for your health and/alarms and locksets or safety are the highest priority.edwardjones.com |Member SIPCCompare our CD ratesBank-issued, FDIC-insured 3-Month 6-Month 1-Year5.35 % 5.30 % 5.20 %APY* APY* APY*Call or visit your local financial advisor today.Doug Myers, CFPFinancial Advisor22211 Marine View Dr SDes Moines, WA 98198206-824-3096*Annual Percentage Yield (APY) effective 05/06/24. CDs offered by Edward Jones are bank-issued and FDIC-insured up to $250,000 (principal and interest accrued but not yet paid) per depositor, per insured depository institution, for each account ownership category. Please visit www.fdic.gov or contact your financial advisor for additional information. Subject to availability and price change. CD values are subject to interest rate risk such that when interest rates rise, the prices of CDs can decrease. If CDs are sold prior to maturity, the investor can lose principal value. FDIC insurance does not cover losses in market value. Early withdrawal may not be permitted. Yields quoted are net of all commissions. CDs require the distribution of interest and do not allow interest to compound. CDs offered through Edward Jones are issued by banks and thrifts nationwide. All CDs sold by Edward Jones are registered with the Depository Trust Corp. (DTC).FDI-1867N-A AECSPAD22075683DES MOINES CITY CURRENTS|SUMMER 2024|13'