b'CouncilHighlights DES MOINES CITY COUNCILCITY COUNCIL HIGHLIGHTS: FEB 2024APR 2024 ORDINANCE 17901796, RESOLUTION 1465Traci Buxton Harry Steinmetz Gene AchzigerApproved the Following Action:King County Parks, Capital, and OpenMayor Deputy Mayor Councilmember Citizens Advisory CommitteeSpace Grant AwardMidway Open Appointments Space Project South King County Housing and 2024 Overlay ProgramPublic Homelessness Partners (SKHHP)Works Construction Contract Award Housing Capital Fund Allocationand Consultant Services AgreementYoshiko Grace Matsui JC Harris Matt MahoneyApprovalResolution No. 1465 for Construction Administration andCouncilmember Councilmember Councilmember Patrol Vehicle Purchase Inspection City Council meetsReplacement of CopiersCity Manager Recruitment RFP1 st , 2 ndand 4 th(Request for Proposal) Award Womens History Month ProclamationSexual Assault Awareness MonthThursdays of theHearts and Mind Fund Disbursement Proclamation month at 6:00pm Steven J Underwood Proclamation Jeremy Nutting Subject to change Citizens Advisory CommitteeCouncilmember Vets Seniors and Human ServicesAppointmentsLevy (VSHSL) Contract Extension Permitting Illegal Fireworks Infraction2024 Annual Budget AmendmentsAmendment Ordinance No. 1791 Ordinance No. 1792 Biennial BudgetingOrdinance No. 1793 Senior Services Advisory Committee Appointments Black Wellness Week Proclamation Public Drainage Easement Updating the Citys Automated Traffic Safety Camera ProgramOrdinance No. 1794Accepting New Patients Mental Health Awareness Month for a Unique DentalProclamationExperience2024 Des Moines Farmers Market AgreementWe offer a full line of Des Moines Memorial Drive Pipe Cosmetic treatmentsProjectInterlocal Agreement with along with SedationHighline Water DistrictDentistry and General Midway DesignConsultant Contract Bid RejectionRedondo Fishing Pier Dental care. and Restroom Project South Sound Opening Boating Day No Insurance? Ask aboutProclamationour office Wellness Plan.Property Tax Levy Lid LiftOrdinance 1795 and Ordinance 1796206-248-1339Public Safety Levy Lid Lift Pro and Con Committee1800 SW 152nd Street, Suite 201 Held the Following Public Hearings:Burien, WA 98166Saddlebrook Site Specific Zoning Map www.kennerdentalgroup.com AmendmentOrdinance No. 17906|DES MOINES CITY CURRENTS|SUMMER 2024'