b'DMMC 9.42.030 FIREWORKS PROHIBITEDExcept as authorized Celebrate Independenceby a permit for the public display of fireworks, as defined in Day Safely!Come WatchRCW 70.77.160, or for religious purposes as authorized by The DRONE SHOW at the RCW 70.77.311(2), no person, firm or corporation shall manufacture, Des Moines Marina possess, sell, store, ignite, explode or discharge any fireworks orfirecrackers within the city limits of the city of Des Moines. Themanufacture, possession, sale,discharge or storage of five pounds or more of fireworks or firecrackers is a misdemeanor. FOURTHOF JULYCelebrationMusic starts at 5pmDrone Show at 10pmDRONE SHOW FOOD TRUCKSMAKERS MARKET LIVE MUSICENTERTAINERS AND MOREDes Moines Marina& Beach ParkDES MOINES CITY CURRENTS|SUMMER 2024|19'