b"Nantucket:Girls TripH ey there, ladies! Looking for a perfect getaway with yourWhile this is only a small sampling of good choices for food and bev-BFFs? Look no further - Nantucket has got you covered!vies, the Nantucket foodie and culinary scene will not disappoint. Were approaching this a little differently. We know that theIf you are on an extended stay, you might be interested in getting out fact that youre getting together is spectacular enough hereof the busy downtown area for some time focused on self-care, for your are some ideas to enhance that girls getaway whether its forhealth and wellness. Lavender Farm Wellness offers multiple services the day or an extended stay on-island! If you are thinking about ansuch as massage therapy, body work, yoga, meditation, and infrared extended stay, we highly encourage you to look into the lodging and ferrysauna. They even offer a Wellness Retreat Package which is definitely reservations at least 3 months in advance. Especially if youre coming inworth checking out. Another out-of-town, option can be found at RJ July or August. Keep in mind that a lot of lodging options require a 2 orMiller Salon & Spa. This is the oldest (since 1970) and largest full-service 3-night minimum stay.salon on island for your hair, nails, facial, tanning, makeup needs and First things first. Inside scoop. You will be ON Nantucket not inmore. Day of beauty!Nantucket.On the topic of getting out of the downtown area, there is some very Second thing. Elin Hilderbrand. World-famous, beloved author of theexciting news to share for 2024! Courtesy of a DOT grant, the Nantucket beach read with more than 25 books set ON Nantucket. Pack one or pick oneRegional Transit Authoritys Wave buses will be fare free from April up at Nantucket Bookworks or Mitchells Book Corner when you get there.through September. This includes all fixed routes and demand-re-Lets get right to the point. No girls trip is a girls trip without a littlesponse services. This is one great reason to leave the island driving to shopping. There are numerous, charming local shops and boutiques insomeone else!the downtown area. From fine retail shops to art galleries to jewelers, theFor an out-of-town adventure, walk on up to Federal Street and hop on Nantucket shopping experience does not disappoint. A must-stop onthe red passenger van emblazoned with the Cisco logo (its a free ride) your shopping adventure is Murrays Toggery. Family owned since 1945,and make your way from the downtown area to the ever-popular Cisco Murrays is the Home of the original Nantucket RedsThis iconic canvasBrewers. In some circles, it has been called the happiest place on earth. has come to identify the islands charming culture. More favorite, one-of- Cisco, for many, is the destination of their Nantucket tripthe main a-kind shops include Pinwheels, Milly & Grace, STOKE ACK, Four Windsattraction. With a brewery, winery and distillery on property, Cisco is Gifts, Nantucket Looms, Blue Beetle, Haul Over, and Aunt Leahs Fudge.located out of town next to Bartletts Farm. The vibe is chill and friendly. Please give Aunt Leah our best when you pop in!Everyone hangs out, enjoys the laid-back farm atmosphere with their Do you know what else is a critical piece of your girls trip? FOOD. Herefamilies, brings their dog, plays games, enjoys live music and amazing are some downtown hot spots we hear people talking about:food truck eats. It really doesnt get better than a day at Cisco!Cruwaterfront location on Straight Wharf, this is the islands premierWe highly encourage you to get all glammed up to experience the ulti-oyster bar. This is a great choice for the raw bar menu and cocktails. mate Nantucket nightlife vibes at The Chicken Box! This legendary The Gazebo at The Nantucket Tavernalso located on Straight Wharfhotspot is where the party never stops, and the good times will roll all as you walk off of the ferry up towards Main Street, this is the happeningnight long. The roadhouse-like atmosphere sets the stage for a good place to get the best drinks in town. Survey Says: Gazebo Mudslide.time: pool, ping pong, darts, live music (including some national touring Duneon Broad Street, Dune is the dinner you will treat yourself toacts!) and lots and lots of dancing. Grab your squad, let the delicious because you deserve the best. Dune prides itself on using the finest local,drinks flow, hit the dance floor, and make unforgettable memories at this seasonal produce, seafood and meats from regional farms.iconic venue. Named Best Bar on Nantucket in 2023, dont miss out on Or, the Whalethis bistro, bar and patio on Main Street is exceptional.this iconic venue and the hottest spot in town!Serving lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch, Or, the Whale attracts aWe hope that one or more if these ideas are helpful to you in plan-younger, trendy crowd looking for a progressive menu and a great wine list. ning your girls trip to Nantucket! Wed like to take a moment to call Rose & Crownthis laid-back pub on South Water Street is simplyspecial attention to Brant Point Lighthouse, which you see cruising straight up good for lunch or dinner any day. This friendly eatery servesinto and out of Nantucket Harbor. Many visitors love to take photos of up a little bit of everything in a historic setting; the building once servedthe lighthouse from our boat, or you might choose to walk to this light-as a livery stable for horses and carriages in the 1800s.house which a very short distance from our ferry terminal. You know, The Juice Baron Broad Street, you will find an outstanding selectionthey say when you leave Nantucket and round Brant Point, throw a of homemade ice cream. Do not let the crowds deter you; they are therepenny in the water and it will guarantee your return! We sure hope to for a reason.see you ladies again. IMAGE CREDIT: LAVENDER WELLNESS IMAGE CREDIT: MURRAY'S TOGGERY IMAGE CREDIT: CISCO BREWERS IMAGE CREDIT: NANTUCKET ISLAND RESORTS36 This is Hy-Line"