b'History company in theland service started with the Cross Rip based the position it is in today.on Nantucket Island.H yannisHarborTours,Inc.wasthe new ownersHyannisHarborToursThe seasonality of the business changed in bought out Nantucket Boat1996 by introducing a new and innovative trav-founded in 1962 by Richard and Rob- Company. The sale included three of itseling option for the publicyear-round high-ert Scudder along with E. Raymondfive vessels, their docking facility, ticket office,speed service to Nantucket. The high-speed Taylor. The Scudder brothers, bothparking lots and the trade name Hi-Line, whichcatamaran Grey Lady cut the travel time to Nan-graduates of Massachusetts Mari- changed totucket in half and concentrated time Academy, operated Scudders SunocoHy-Line. Hy-Line was now oper- heavily on customer service and on the corner of Ocean and South Streets inating two boats seasonally toamenities. The service proved to Hyannis. Mr. Taylor had long been involved ineach island (including the newlybe so popular that Grey Lady II the oil business on Cape Cod and founded Scud- built Brant Point) at the southwas built in 1997 to provide fur-der & Taylor Oil Company with Frederic Scudder,end of the Ocean Street Docksther comfort and convenience to father of Dick and Bob. along with the sightseeing andour passengers. Hy-Line Cruises With the election of John F. Kennedy in 1960,fishing boats at the north end. welcomed their third generation there was an increasing demand to view theThe growth of Hy-Line hasnthigh-speed Nantucket ferry Grey homes in the Kennedy Compound. This encour- been limited to its Hyannis andLady in April 2003. This solidified aged the brothers to enter the marine sightsee- Island operations. In 1977, theyHy-Lines position as one of the ing business from a parcel of land (received asintroduced a receptive operatormost successful passenger ferry payment for an outstanding oil bill) at the northdivision called Cape Cod Customservices in the country.end of the Ocean Street Docks. Tours. They provide all phases ofInthesummerof2005, When an advertisement was seen in a localitinerary planning for motor coach companiesHy-Line embarked on a new adventure to pro-paper listing the 150-passenger Prudence forand tour operators traveling to Cape Cod, thevide high-speed ferry service from Hyannis to sale, the partners moved to acquire her. The Pru- islands of Marthas Vineyard and Nantucket,Oak Bluffs, Marthas Vineyard. Hy-Line reac-dence, circa 1911, began service in the summer ofNew England and the Canadian Maritimes. quired their Grey Lady II and renamed her Lady 1962 with the Scudder brothers sharing the cap- In 1979, they began operating cruises on theMartha to provide this one-of-a-kind service.taining chores while the other ran the gas sta- Cape Cod Canal from Onset with the purchaseIn the late-night hours of August 31, 2016, tion. The Prudence acquisition proved to be veryof Cape Cod Canal Cruises. The team in OnsetHy-Line took delivery of their newest high-successful and Hyannis Harbor Tours was born. runs daily cruises, May through October, on thespeed ferry Grey Lady IV. Grey Lady IV is the larg-In 1966, the sightseeing business expandedcanal along with charters and live music cruisesest of the Hy-Line ferry fleet, offering a to include a new venture: fishing trips. The Seain the summer. passenger capacity of up to 493 persons. Queen II and Sea Swan II handled the fishingIn 1988, Hyannis Harbor Tours purchasedIncluded in her three passenger decks is a sep-duties, plying the waters of Nantucket SoundNantucket Island Tours. Adding a Nantucket busarate 32 seat Captains View area which gives on full and half day fishing excursions. tour company to the mix seemed to be the per- those travelers the same view during the cross-The Scudder brothers made another import- fect addition as the company began to grow.ing as the Captain of the current Grey Lady.ant decision in 1970 when they contracted toHy-LinesphilosophyofopportunityFrom its beginning in 1962 with one boat build a boat to run seasonally to the island ofthrough growth continued in 1988-1989 withand three employees, Hyannis Harbor Tours, Marthas Vineyard. The East Chop, named afterthe introduction of a first-class travelingInc. d/b/a Hy-Line Cruises has grown to about a lighthouse on Marthas Vineyard, wasoption to Nantucket aboard the newly built,350 employees with about 100 of those being launched in 1971 and began daily trips to the800 passenger Great Point. A seasonal serviceyear-round employees. Today the company is island from the same docks at the north end. between the islands of Nantucket and Mar- still proudly owned and operated by the Scud-In 1972, a decision was made that helped putthas Vineyard commonly known as inter-is- der Family. This is Hy-Line 11'