b'P21725GIFT OF GEORGE F. KORN AND RICHARD KEMBLE, 1992.46.1 In 1927, Sarg created a sea serpent balloon for Macys, which he previewed on Nan-tucket during the summer season. After stirring up interest with initial monster foot-Several of Sargs playful designs, like this 1937 Ye Olden Times pattern, were pro- print sightings on the beach, Sarg and his crew inflated the balloons head on the duced by the Thomas Strahan Company of Chelsea, Massachusetts, the oldest sur- beach at Coatue and floated it on the harbor. The next day, they assembled the viving wallpaper company in America, founded in 1866.massive sea serpent at South Beach on Washington Street, and large crowds turned out to enjoy the spectacle. SARG ON NANTUCKET WHO WAS TONY SARG? Maker, influencer, brand ambassador: Tony After visiting Nantucket with friends in 1920,Throughout his career, Tony Sarg took finan- Sarg was many things, but his unselfish desire Tony Sarg purchased a house on North Libertycial risks in pursuit of creative challenges. Byto motivate, educate, and mentor others is his Street in 1921 and became one of the islands1939, his workloadand related expendi- greatest legacy. Drawn from public and private most beloved summer residents. Travelingturesstretched far beyond annual marionettecollections of art and material culture, Tony around the island to sketch and paint, he partic- productions, Macys balloons, and illustrationSarg: Genius at Play will explore Sargs prolific ipated avidly in the islands just-emerging artjobs to include supplying several bricks-and- career and offer a window into the creative pro-colony and consistently drew inspiration frommortar Tony Sarg Shops; promoting a newcess and achievements of this visionary artist. the islands landmarks, history, and folklore forradio program; fulfilling high-profile interiorA life-long genius at play, Sarg is remembered his art and commercial designs. Many of Sargsdesign commissions; and creating exhibits,for his enduring impact on American popular colorful products were sold in a series of shopssouvenirs, and the official map and guide forculture, and, most especially, for the sense of his wife ran on island. A natural booster andthe New York Worlds Fair. Overextended, Tonyjoy and delight that he so freely embraced and showman, Sarg contributed work to fundraisersSarg declared bankruptcy in late 1939 and hisshared through his art.for the Nantucket Cottage Hospital and is espe- puppets were sold or distributed as a means of cially well-remembered for his Sea Monstersettling his debts. The artist died from compli-hoax of 1937, which brought positive publicity tocations following surgery for a ruptured appen-the summer resort during the Great Depression.dix on February 17, 1942, at the age of 61.TO LEARN MORE AND BOOK YOUR VISIT, GO TO NHA.ORG AND FOLLOW US AT @ACKHISTORY!PROVIDED BY THE NANTUCKET HISTORICAL ASSOCIATIONThis is Hy-Line 19'