b'Lighthousesof Cape CodGetting to and from the lighthousetwo-and-a-half miles from landinvolved climb-ing a 12-foot ladder from a bobbing boat to the platform of the lighthouse entrance. The structure to the side of the lighthouse is a wooden belltower that housed the fog-bell and its striking mechanism. IMAGE CREDIT: NATIONAL ARCHIVESWe get it - lighthouses The shifting sandbars of the Outer Cape create dangerous and treacherous conditions for ships. are iconic, dramatic,In the times before modern radar and GPS, light-houses were valuable landmarks that could warn beautiful. Theyre moreships to stay away or guide them into a safe harbor. Without lighthouses, sailors would have had lim-than just a pretty face,ited means to spot potential dangers like rocky shores and sandbars until it was too late. though - they were, Our visual culture on Cape Cod is covered with and still are, a vitallighthouses - theyre on our license plates, potato chip bags, postcards, t-shirts, artwork, tote bags, navigational aid to sailors.hats, weathervanes, lawn ornaments, Christmas continued on next pageThis is Hy-Line 13'