COLIBRI Northwest


Ferries Conference

Since 2003 we have been helping transit agencies, municipal administrators, elected officials, and civic leaders determine whether marine transit is feasible and appropriate for your communities.

Our programs examine community engagement and demand modeling, operational foundations, funding sources, and administrative systems that you can implement to build or expand a water taxi or ferry route—and successfully finance its ongoing operation.

Attendees will hear from public funding sources, public and private operators and consultants …all aimed at helping introduce, fund and operate ferry systems around the country.

  • Attendees to include:
    • Ferries operators
    • Shipyards and Naval Architects
    • Commercial Lenders and Public Financing Agencies
    • Regulatory Agencies
    • State and Local government
  • 9am-5pm program to include mixture of presentations, panel discussions and case studies.

Navtech 2021

NavTech will continue our 20-year-old evolving conference series dedicated to a discussion of computer-aided navigation, ECDIS, GNSS and AIS automation and autonomy, cybersecurity and communications technology, training and developments in bridge resource management and bridge design.

  • Attendees to include:
  • Pilots
  • Ocean Carriers, Cruise Lines, Tug and Barge Operators, Fishing companies
  • Regulators and Legislative agencies
  • E-navigation hardware and software providers
  • 2-day session, 9am-5pm. Program to include mixture of presentations, panel discussions and case studies.