b'CITY NEWSContact YourCity Council Council CornerPosition 1 BY EARNEST THOMPSON, CITY COUNCILMEMBEREarnest Thompson 206-248-8286Normally council corners are Earnest.Thompson@ kumbaya proclamations. Most normandyparkwa.gov Always dig deeper, ask Position 2 council members dont likemore questions, examine Susan Westto rock the boat. We stick to 206-248-8289specific Normandy Park citywhat you believe, learn to be Susan.West@issues. However, we live in normandyparkwa.gov trying times and the state andtolerant and learn to listen. Position 3 county bureaucracies areThats whats happening in Shawn McEvoy 206-248-8291forcing us into territory I feelNormandy Park.Shawn.McEvoy@compelled to talk about.normandyparkwa.gov In Normandy Park we cherish Position 4 our quiet hideaway single- it have done? Initially, it would Mike Bishoff 206-248-8287family resident (SFR) areas,have mandated the right to build Mike.Bishoff@the proverbial working- andany type of housing even in normandyparkwa.gov middle-class lifestyle. Two yearsSFR residential zones, including Position 5 ago, Washington State passedaccessory dwelling units, Michelle Sipes-Marvin 206-248-8288bill E2SHB 1220 that requiredregardless of city population. The Michelle.Sipes-Marvin@cities to accommodate any typeonly thing that saved Normandy normandyparkwa.gov of affordable housing and notPark and other cities from this Position 6 prohibit certain categories ofmandate was that the bill never Eric Zimmermanhousing that would strip the citysmade it out of committee. But this 206-248-8290 ezimmerman@rights to maintain SFR as we seeissue will be back. Bureaucracies normandyparkwa.gov fit. Fortunately, this section of theat the county and state level keep Position 7 legislation regarding accessorypushing to concentrate more and Sue-Ann Hohimerdwelling units was later vetoedmore decision-making authority 206-248-8292by the Governor. In my opinion,to themselves which strips away Sue-Ann.Hohimer@ normandyparkwa.gov this bill was an attack on ourour individual city rights to govern community and economic andourselves. Why bother even aesthetic values. This is anhaving a city government if they MONTHLY MEETING CALENDAR important issue, so the Cityare taking our rights away?Arts CommissionCouncil invited RepresentativeThe same thing is occurring in 1st Tuesday, 7pm Tina Orwall to discuss this billour public educational systems. Economic Development Committeewhich she and our other elected 1st Wednesday, 6pm state representatives had votedWe hear disturbing reports again Council Meetingand again that schools have lost 2nd Tuesday, 7pm in support of. Her response wassight of basic education principles, Metropolitan Parks Districtto say, lets work together. Fine,like civics classes, while at the 2nd Tuesday, 6:30pm (if necessary) rescind it and vote No next time!same time implementing a focus Civil ServiceGive us back our rights to govern 3rd Tuesday, Noon (if necessary) our own city.on current political ideology which Park Commissionmany of us consider inappropriate 3rd Wednesday, 7pm This last year the Stateand can lead to negative Planning CommissionLegislature initially passed ESHBprofiling and bias. We have a 3rd Thursday, 7pmCouncil Study Session1660 that focused on so callednew superintendent, so this is a 4th Tuesday, 7pm (if necessary) affordable housing. What wouldcrucial time to communicate those 6 NORMANDY PARK CITY SCENE|SUMMER 2022'