b'RESOURCE RESERVOIRSUMMER PLANTING TIPS FOR NATURAL YARD CAREGardening and yard care is different for everyLawnsseason. Here are some ways to keep your yardMow regularly, and leave the clippings on healthy and practice natural yard care in thethe lawnmonths of June-August Keep the mower blades sharpened to Flower & Vegetable Gardens reduce lawn damage and brown tipsMulch flower and vegetable beds withConsider saving water by letting some areas compost or grass clippings to conserve(that dont get heavy traffic) go brown and water and control weeds dormant until fallUse fabric row covers to keep pests offWateringsensitive vegetables Start and re-check watering systems, and Identify bugs before you spray, squash oradjust for weather. (Dont water when it stompthey might be helpful or goodrains)bugs that eat pests.Water lawn 1 inch per week, or let it go Trees and Shrub Beds brown and dormant (but water enough to Mulch tree and shrub beds with wood chips,moisten root zone once a month)leaves or bark once a year to conserveWater at dawn or in the evening to reduce water, reduce weeds and feed the soilevaporationARE YOU READY FOR ANOTHER RECORD-SETTING HEATWAVE THIS SUMMER?SummerGlendale Heating and Air Conditioning can Fun ininstall a new A/C unit or heat pump to help you BEAT THE HEAT.the Park Trusted professionals since 1938.Summer Fun in the Park CALL today for a free estimate.W H A S B A R B E Q U E F G UF D F T K C J G U R S G S A JQ U O B L U E S K Y U J P S VT D U Y F U M D H C N J A U DB C R A I I Y F Y J S L R M DS E T H R J R O I T H H K M CW L H C O N V E R T I B L E AI E O P V L P I W Z N U E R MM B F O F A I F C O E S R E P 206.243.7700M R J P R S C F L E R A S M II A U S I M N A F O C K R S NN T L I S O I M T K W R S R GG I Y C B R C I R I F E E W NU O E L E E M L M L O G R A MB N J E E S H Y M U Q N G S MPROUD MEMBER OF THEFourthofJuly Convertible Fireworks PopsicleSparklers Barbeque Vacation Swimming MASTER BUILDERS ASSOCIATIONIceCream Camping BlueSky SummerFlowers Celebration Sunshine Frisbee Warm and happy customers since 1938Smores Picnic Family USANORMANDY PARK CITY SCENE|SUMMER 2022 31 Build your own custom worksheet at education.com/worksheet-generator 2007 - 2022 Education.com'