b'PUBLIC WORKS2022 Stormwater and ADA ImprovementsCITY OF NORMANDY PARK2022 Pavement Preservation ProjectsSYLVESTER RD SWSYLVESTER RD SWH ST TSW 174T H SSW 174T10th Ave SW - Replacement of catch basinalong Sylvester Rd SWSW 175th St Stormwater Improvements - Installation of new catch basin and conveyance pipeSW NORMANDY RDSW NORMANDY RDSW 174th Pl -MA MAInstall ADA compliant sidewalk ramps RI RIN NEE Nist Park Improvements - Land Clearing, Filling, and Grading VIE VIEWW D DR R SSW WPPUUGGEET TS SOOUUNNDD NORMANDY PARK DR SW 1ST AVE S 1ST AVE SNORMANDY PARK DR SW4th Ave SW - Install ADA compliant sidewalk ramps4th Ave SW Stormwater Improvements - Replacement SWS 2W0 02T0H0T SHT STof several catch basins along 4th Ave SWSWS 2W0 82T0H8T SHT STMiles Miles0 00.1205.25 0.750.51 0.75 10.125 0.250.5NORMANDY PARK CITY SCENE|SUMMER 2022 29'