b'CITY NEWSWhy I VolunteerBY AIMEE LLOYD, PARKS AND RECREATION MANAGEROne of the reasons I Our city functions with countlessvolunteered to be a Parks Commissioner was for my volunteers support and hard work. Thesechildren. I have two small kids volunteers help run our city in so manywho will grow up enjoying the parks important ways, from helping run eventsaround the city, and I want to do my part to ensure they are managed for like ivy pulls and organizing summerfuture generations. We all want to live music performances in the park all thein a great place, but it takes effort way up to making meaningful legislativeto make that happen - who better to do this than the community decisions (which help support the qualitymembers?!of life in our beautiful city). We owe soJOHN BENSCHEIDT,much gratitude to those who serve inPARKS COMMISSIONERthese critical positions. Consider that the following groups are entirely volunteering roles: City Council, Planning Commission, Park Commission,I volunteer because it makes me feel more Arts Commission, and fromconnected to my community. these, there are variousBy serving on the Parks subcommittees. Even theCommission, I have also become position of Mayor in our City is aa lot more aware of the events and activities within the city volunteer role. government, the other advisory When you ask a commissionercommissions, the schools, and the volunteer organizations or council person why theywithin Normandy Park.serve as a volunteer, you mayJENNY LOVE,hear slightly different reasonsPARKS COMMISSIONERdepending upon who you ask. Some of our Parks Commissioners shared their thoughts and you can read them at right.There are many Currently, there are volunteer seatsways in which we can be open for the following commissions:of service to our community, and I appreciate the breadth of Parks Commission (1 vacancy) talent, time and energy from those that can do so. I find satisfaction and Arts Commission (2 vacancies) a sense of accomplishment in doing Planning Commission (1 vacancy) what I can to be a steward of our parks and green spaces. It is one small way Full commissions make it easier for ourto give back to my community, and city to do its business and keep thingsI have benefited from meeting and working alongside wonderful like-running smoothly. To find out more aboutminded people.how you can become more connectedSTEVE HIGGINS,to your city by taking on a volunteer role,PARKS COMMISSIONERemail bwall@normandyparkwa.gov.20 NORMANDY PARK CITY SCENE|SUMMER 2022'