b'CITY NEWSBALLOT LANGUAGEPROPOSITION NO. 1 Our City Councils CapitalCITY OF NORMANDY PARK, WASHINGTON Committee has begun its HeartCIVIC CENTER CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS of the Park Campaign to helpGENERAL OBLIGATION BONDS$15,000,000raise the portion of privateThe City Council of the City of Normandy Park adopted donations necessary to fund theOrdinance No. 1039 concerning this proposition for building of a brand-new Civicbonds. This proposition authorizes the construction of a Center at City Hall Park. Duringnew civic center to include indoor and outdoor recreation this phase we are looking forspaces, an early childhood education program, city and significant lead donors, interestedpolice administrative offices, council chambers, meeting in the legacy opportunity ofand event rooms, and parking; to issue up to $15,000,000 helping to construct the firstof general obligation bonds maturing within a maximum municipal building in Normandyterm of 25 years to finance such improvements; and levy Park, intentionally built toproperty taxes annually in excess of regular property tax meet recreational, educational,levies to repay such bonds, as provided in Ordinance No. cultural, and social needs of our1039. Should this proposition be:community as well as the needsAPPROVED [] of our police department, publicREJECTED []works, and city administration. If you are interested in making a legacy gift or would like to contribute a significant lead gift to help inspire other major private donors to follow suit, we wouldVote August 2love to speak with you. Please call our new phone service at 206-248-8292 to let us know you are interested in Joining the Heart of the Park Campaign, and we will reach back out to you right away! 18 NORMANDY PARK CITY SCENE|SUMMER 2022'