b'CITY NEWSPROPOSITION 1PROJECT DESCRIPTIONThe proposed Civic Center will SUPPORTING Abe an approximately 23,500 square foot facility. It will include indoor and outdoor recreation spaces, performance spaces, NEW CIVIC CENTER public meeting and event rooms, an early childhood education program (Normandy Park WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE AUGUST 2Preschool), environmentally-friendly outdoor green spaces, city and police administrative offices, council chambers, and additional parking at City Hall Park. This proposed design will increase the facility size by 6,000 square feet, and will be built with O n August 2nd, Normandy Park voters will have thecurrent life safety standards, and be eligible for LEED certification.opportunity to vote on a proposition that will support a new city civic center. If approved, Proposition No. 1 willPROJECT COSTauthorize the city to issue a general obligation bond to fund the construction of a new Civic Center at City Hall Park. The proposedBased on the input of our Civic Center will replace the buildings located at City Hall Park, builtprofessional design team,initially as an elementary school in 1956 and converted to the Citythe project is expected toHall, Police Department, and community recreation center in 1989. cost $25 million.16 NORMANDY PARK CITY SCENE|SUMMER 2022'