b'CITY NEWSWhat is a Comprehensive Plan?BY NICHOLAS MATZ, COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DIRECTORHere is what means to Normandy Park:To ensure our hidden gem provides the highest quality of life, public safety, recreation, history, and communityall in the beauty of our natural surroundings.Vision and UsersHow is it going to work here in Guide, Normandy Parkthe Park?Comprehensive Plan The use of an Asset Based Communities across growthCommunity Development management-planning areas in(ABCD) framework (see graphic Washington state are gearingat right) will help from a positive up for the 2024 Comprehensiveplace of community asset Plan Update. This major update,identification, and will be able occurring every eight years, isto address issues such as sea an opportunity for communitylevel rise (SLR), continued storm residents, businesses and otherwater management planning stakeholders to validate their(SWMP), and housing.long-range planning effortsAsset-Based Community in their comprehensive plans.Development (ABCD) is an Since the last Normandy Parkapproach that uses the existingWant to follow Normandy Comprehensive Plan Updateresources of a community toParks Comprehensive in 2016, the City Council hassupport its development. RatherPlan Update? Stay passed amendments, includingthan focusing on challengestuned to the Community new Vision statements and anor resources that are lacking,Development pagesEconomic Development Element,ABCD seeks to identify and incorporating storm wateroften unrecognized assetson the web site at www.management planning, Shorelineproduced by local individuals,normandyparkwa.gov/Management Plan (SMP), andassociations, and institutions,community-development. critical areas ordinance (CAO)and then works to build on thoseIt is important for you regulatory updates into the Planassets to sustain a communityto know how and why for reference. and support its growth.your government makes Why should I get involvedThe use of ABCD can informgrowth and development in updating my localsolution-oriented and consciousdecisions. When comprehensive plan? practices in all aspects of theyou participate, the Each community in our state isplanning process. ABCD cancomprehensive plan works charged with the responsibilityenhance planning work in manyfor you!to plan for people, jobs, housing,ways and serves as a useful and natural resources. Whenframework to advance equitable residents, businesses andand restorative planning.stakeholders get involved in the planning process, they can help determine priorities and shape the future of their communities.12 NORMANDY PARK CITY SCENE|SUMMER 2022'