b'CITY NEWSThe Renewal of the Normandy Park 4th of July ParadeBY JIM VARNELLThe Normandy Park 4th of July parade hadappeared, we watched as more bicycles and been discontinued after the 1976 parademore cars headed toward Marvista and we that was held in honor of the 200th birthdayknew then that it was going to be a fun day. of the U.S.A.In recruiting the Grand Marshal of the The renewal of the parade happened in anparade, I first called the residence of T. A. unplanned [at first] manner.Wilson, chief executive officer and chairman A group of our Normandy Park friends wereof Boeing and a Normandy Park resident. at a social gathering in the late Spring of 1987Mrs. Wilson answered and said he or she and the idea of recommencing the 4th of Julywould let me know. She called back a day or parade with an ice cream social was broughtso later and politely said that he appreciated up and enthusiastically approved by all.the thought, but that he would have to I said that I would be glad to organize thedecline the honor. parade if Margaret Ort, who like others wasAt that point, we turned to another high-most enthusiastic about an event of thisranking, well-respected Boeing employee in type, would be in charge of the ice creamour search and Tony Cassarino agreed to social at the Community Club.serve as our first Grand Marshal. He rode From that point we both worked diligentlyin a convertible donated for the parade by in a short amount of time to get approvalAlice Dowdell.from the City of Normandy Park with noticesSeveral days prior to July 4th, I had to the police and fire departments and tocontacted several Seattle television recruit volunteers for the 2 related events.stations with information about our parade. The morning of July 4, 1987, was gray andKOMO-TV sent a crew to cover it with a overcast forecast a possibility of rain.young Kathi Goertzen reporting. Because We didnt know if there would be fivethe parade was started so early in the people or 50 who might participate inmorning, the station had ample production the parade. About 9 a.m. I looked outtime and was able to include it in its evening my living room window and saw a groupnewscast. of young children with their decoratedMargaret did an excellent job organizing bicycles and several decorated carsthe ice cream social at the Cove Building heading southbound on Marine Viewwith help from many of our Normandy Park Drive toward Marvista Elementaryneighbors. School, which was the staging area forIt was a fun parade, a festive and neighborly the parade.ice cream social and a good start of For the next 30 - 45 minutes asrenewing 2 very enjoyable Normandy Park the clouds cleared off and the suncommunity events.NORMANDY PARK CITY SCENE|SUMMER 2022 11'